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The Process

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​Now that your dreams are starting to unfold, this is where you add the textures, colors, and finishes  that will reflect your style, putting your personal touch into the project. We can be involved  in this part of the process as little or as much as you desire. Our interior design staff will inform you of the selections that need made and, if you wish, can provide suggestions on faucets, cabinetry, granite tops, flooring, and even paint colors, to make the perfect package. 

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​​1.  No Obligation First Meeting

               Our first meeting with you is to discuss and take detailed notes on your goals, schedule and budget. After analyzing

your area of remodel or construction, we can usually determine the appropriate approach to take at this time.  Determining

your budget is also very crucial at this time. The budget will help us design your project to attain your  wants and needs. 


2. Design and Written Proposal

We develop preliminary designs based on the discussion and ideas generated at our meeting. These designs are presented in the form of sketches, computer generated drawings (plans and elevations) and 3D renderings. We "value-engineer” your project, determining the most cost-effective way to build. We are able to price various options at this stage and possibly provide the final construction price, which can help in your decision making.  A second meeting is scheduled to review the contract proposal in detail. The payment schedule and time-frame for the project will also be discussed.

3. Acceptance of Contract Proposal

After our 2nd meeting we will go over any changes and update your contract price. You will receive this pricing promptly. Acceptance of the contract proposal (signatures and down payment) will start the construction process, which begins with the permit applications to the township or borough.

4. Final revised drawings

Upon the signing of the contract proposal, it is normal and even desirable, to spend time refining the design at this stage. Usually one of the preliminary designs is chosen, or a variation thereof.  Revised plans will need your approval before construction starts.

                     5. Selections  

6. Construction

The construction phase is intense and exciting. We provide an itemized time schedule for construction, so you know exactly what is happening when. Our on-site supervisors are professional and organized while managing the subcontractors, quality assurance, timeline, and are available to answer your construction questions. No matter how much preparation and planning has been done, there are always decisions to be made. We like to take advantage of any new opportunities that might appear to improve the design. We are adept at presenting new options clearly and simply, whether it's a design detail or a structural change.

We are open to having you participate in the construction to any extent you wish.

7. Service After the Sale

We don’t believe in rushing to get a project finished in order to move onto a new one.  We want the final product to be one that both customer and contractor can be proud of.  We do a final walk-through to address any concerns you may have and follow through. 

We believe in delivering a well-built quality project, but if for some reason there’s a need for service, we’ll be there to make it right for you.